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Calendar of Events for Neamţ County
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Gheorghe Iacomi
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 Calendar of Events for Neamt County
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Moldavian Gastronomy

the 2nd of january, Târgu Neamţ - New Year’s costumes and customs Parade
the last week of January, Ceahlău commune - The Snow Festival
the 1st Sunday of May, Bicaz-Chei commune - Folklore Festival
the 28th of May, Piatra Neamţ - The Yorick Theatre Festival
June, Tazlău commune - Customs Festival
the 15th of June, Văratec Monastery - The Silver Forest Festival
the 24th of June, Piatra Neamţ - Piatra Neamţ Day
the 24th of June, Tupilaţi - Folklore Festival
June, Piatra Neamţ - Musical Halidays Festival
The 1st July, Vânători-Neamţ commune - Neamţ Fortress Day
the 3rd Sunday of July, Roznov - Roznov Day
the last Sunday of July, Războieni commune - Războieni Day
the 1st to 8th nof August (uneven years), Piatra Neamţ - The International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival Piatra Neamţ The International Folklore Festival Piatra Neamţ
the first Sunday of August, Ceahlău-Durău - Ceahlău Mountain Day
the 2nd Sunday of august, Bicaz - Marine Day
the 1st Sunday of September, Gârcina commune - The Folklore Festival
the 8th of September, Târgu Neamţ - Târgu Neamţ Day
the 7th to 8 th of September Târgu Neamţ - Popular Artisans Fair
the 4 th Sunday of September, Pipirig commune - Pipirig Day
October, Piatra Neamţ - The International Theatre Festival
The 26th of October, Bicaz - Montana Feast
November, Tupilaţi commune - The Folklore Festival
December, Borca commune - Winter Haliday
The 31 st of December, Piatra Neamţ - The Traditions and Customs Festival
The 31st of December, Timişeşti - The Traditions and Customs Festival