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Museums Museums and memorial houses

Piatra Neamţ | Roman | Bicaz | Târgu Neamţ

Piatra Neamţ

DISTRICT MUSEUM CENTER OF NEAMŢ COUNTY is consisting of 15 distinct units, which own an over 300.000 specimens and rarities patrimony (archaeology, numismatics, history, art, memoirs, ethnography, natural sciences). Its main competences are the coordination and supervising the activities of the museums and the departments, which have as an objective the administration, accounts, conservation, restoration, research and the scientific exploitation of the patrimony, the organizing of exhibitions and cultural activities, the visitors guidance, etc. Contact: Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 10, 610029, Phone./Fax 0040 217496, 218108, 218270, e-mail, web

History Museum

Piatra Neamţ, 10 Mihai Eminescu st., 610029; phone./fax: 0040 233 217496, 0040 233 218108
It was founded by priest Constantin Mătasă in 1934 and stores over 20.000 objects from the Stone Age until our days. The museum owns the most important collection in the country, which belongs to Cucuteni eneolithic civilization (ţhe 4th and 3rd millennium b.C), which was the last great civilization of ancient Europe. Also there are presented the traco-geto dacic civilisations of the region, the medieval habitat, aspects of local history from modern and contemporaneous epoch, the museum activity and temporary exhibitions.
Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.); Monday-closed.

History Museum Piatra Neamţ 

Eneolitic Art of Cucuteni Museum, 3 Ştefan cel Mare st.; phone 004 0233 217496

Eneolitic Art of Cucuteni Museum Piatra Neamţ It was opened in June 2005 and is the first museum dedicated solely to Cucuteni culture.. The museum holds the most varied and rich collection of Cucuteni and Precucuteni artefacts. The beautiful building was raised in 1930 by the builder Carol Zani and was decorated by the sculputor Vincenzo Puschiasis. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.



Princely Court Exhibition - Piatra Neamţ, Ştefan cel Mare st. phone 004 0233 217496

Princely Court ExhibitionPlanul Curţii Domneşti Piatra NeamţIt’s a part of a Mediaval Complex which is composed of „St. John the Baptist” The Princely Church and the 19 m high tower dating from the 15th century. There were preserved only parts of the surrounding walls and of the cellar. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.),
Monday - closed.

Art Museum

Art Museum Piatra Neamţ Piatra Neamţ, 1 Libertăţii sq., phone. 0040 233 216808
It was founded in 1980 and stores precious collections of painting, graphic, sculpture and tapestry, signed by famous Romanian artists: Lascăr Vorel, Aurel Băeşu, CD. Stahi, Ion Ţuculescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Iulia Hălăucescu, Aurelia Ghiaţă, Pompiliu Clement s.a. Periodically, there are temporary exhibitions. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Ethnography Museum

Ethnography Museum Piatra Neamţ
Piatra Neamţ, 2 Libertăţii sq., phone 0040 233 216808
It presents aspects of traditional peasant household of Valea Bistriţei (Bistriţa Valley), the popular Romanian costume of the region and the principal trades from Sub-Carpathian region of Moldavia (wood processing, the weaving, furrier's processing). Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Natural Science Museum
Natural Science Museum  Piatra Neamţ Piatra Neamţ, 26 Petru Rareş st, phone 0040 233 224211
It was founded in 1960 in the building donated by memorable historian Iulian Antonescu. It stores an impressive collection of 29 spicies of fossil fish, unic in the world, but also exhibitions rarities of geology, flora and fauna of Neamţ mountains (Ceahlău especially). Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.




History Museum

Roman, 16 Cuza Vodă st, phone 0040 233 727726, 734673
History Museum of Roman stores valuable collections of both materials dating of Dacs, results from the researches made by Dr. V. Ursachi from Fortress of Brad and in other locations in Siret Valley, and valuable medieval vestiges of the town, documentary attested at 31 March 1392. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

History Museum Roman Interieur History Museum Roman

Art Museum

Art Museum RomanRoman, 3 Mihai Eminescu st., phone 0040 233 - 724011
The main exhibition contains the work of famous contemporaneous artists: Oscar Han, Aurel Nedel, Ştefan Hotnog, I. Steurer, Gh. Iliescu, I. Sălişteanu. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday – closed.

Natural Sciences Museum
Natural Sciences  Museum RomanRoman, 244 Ştefan cel Mare st, phone 0040 233 742528
This unit represents the outcome of the preoccupations in the field of research and exhibitional valorization of collected materials from confluence area of Moldavia and Siret, made after 1960. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday closed.


History Museum
Bicaz, 3 Barajului st., phone 0040 233 254201
As a result of the complex researches that has been made in precursory years of hydroelectric power station construction, the museum contains archeologist and ethnographic marks of living in Bistriţa Valley, from the ancient times until modern epoch. In the ethnography room can be seen the model of a raft, mark of a disappeared occupation, specific to the region. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Târgu Neamţ

History and Ethnography Museum

History and Ethnography Museum Târgu NeamţThe museum has been organized in 1957 by the university professor D. Constantinescu. This museum presents a synthetics of magnificent medieval history of the town, as well as tradiţional occupations from the region. The exhibitions are placed in rooms that have as themes the agriculture, producing and processing the textiles, fur and leather processing, stone and ceramics processing, The exploitation of wood and metals. In a special pavilion are exposed peasant installation of great value. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Popular Museum "Nicolae Popa" - Târpeşti, phone/ Fax: 0040 233 785112, phone 0040 233 785111, 0723 548229
Daily program: 9:00 - 17:00
1962 is the year when Nicolae Popa began the organization of the popular museum in his native village. Museum was officially inaugurated in 1966 and till 1976 has the residence in the village old school building. After this year, it was moved in a building especially constructed for hosting the numberous collections of the museum. The over 3000 exhibitions of the museum can be grouped in the next categories:
- Archeologist marks the results of diggings in the locality and in the neighbouring
areas, made by archeologists from The Institute of Archeology of Bucharest.
- Numismatic collection contains antique and recent pieces, Romanian and from abroad.
- Ethnography collection contains utilitarian objects, decorative elements and traditional clothes from the region.
- Icons and cult objects collection
- Naive painting collection
- Naive sculpture collection the wood and stone sculpture, masks
- Also can be visited: the garden (with naive sculptures in wood and stone), museum's collections (naive art, religious objects), art gallery (permanent exhibition of icons and modern art) and popular shows

 Popular Museum "Nicolae Popa"   Popular Museum "Nicolae Popa"

Museums and memorial houses

"Calistrat Hogaş" Memorial Museum

Piatra Neamţ, 1 Calistrat Hogaş st.
The only museum dedicated to Calistrat Hogaş, is placed just in the same house where the writer lived mostly of his life. Reorganized using his daughter]s, Sidonia Hogaş, notes, the museum offers the ambiance of a house from the beginning of the 20th century. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Calistrat Hogaş" Memorial Museum Piatra Neamţ Interieur "Calistrat Hogaş" Memorial Museum

"Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum

Humuleşti, Târgu Neamţ, 8 Ion Creangă st., phone 0040 233 742528
The house where was borned the writer Ion Creangă (1837- 1889) we have a suggestive representation of the world described with so much talent in "Childhood Memories". Remarkable are both the interior of the paternal roof, traditional tools collection, and the photo documentary exhibition, referring to the life and activity of the Romanian writer. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

„Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum  „Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum Interior „Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum

"Mihail Sadoveanu" Memorial House

Vanatori-Neamt, near the Neamt Monastery
It was here that the great writer gave life to many of his historical stories.It was here that the great writer gave life to many of his historical stories. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Mihail Sadoveanu" Memorial House "Mihail Sadoveanu" Memorial House

"Alexandru Vlahuţă" Memorial House
- Agapia commune, phone 004 0233 662136

"Alexandru Vlahuţă" Memorial HouseIt was founded in 1963 in the house where the writer lived many years. It includes the original furniture, personal things, pfotos, manuscripts, books, letters. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.


"Veronica Micle" Memorial House

Târgu Neamţ, 33 Ştefan cel Mare st, phone 004 0040 233 662594
It was built in 1834. It has been arranged as a museum in 1984: two rooms in ancient style and one as a photo and documentary exhibition; contains photocopies of the manuscripts, mail, books, furniture and personal objects of Veronica Micle. She spent her chilhood there.
Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Veronica Micle" Memorial House Interior "Veronica Micle" Memorial House