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Moldavian Gastronomy

Recreation Complex "The Shark" - Costişa commune - 300 meters East of DN15, phone number 0233 260210, 0744 842.334
There is a sportive fishing lake
- grill at the fishermen disposal.
- restaurant with fishery from the local troutery. There can be arranged parties, and the reservation muist be made at least five days before;
- bar with 20 seats;
- place for sport and kids playing;
- camping area

"Lacul Porcului" ("Pig Lake") - It is situated on the right shore of Bistriţa river, between Agârcia village and Piatra Neamţ
Species: carp and crucian. Baits: red flesh-worms, worms, fishing fluffyes. Other util informations: no charge taken, yet.

Budeşti Lake - Făurei commune - on the DN 15D, after exiting from Bozienii de Sus village, 200 meters on the left side is the road to Budeşti. After another 300 meters there is a dirt road (unpleasend if it`s raining) that leads to the farm. There are three ponds on the same creek, visible from the road. In the big pond (the first upstream) are at large the carp (under 1 kg weight) and crucian (at most 200 g). In the second pond (the one from the middle), there is nothing else than little and very little crucian. The third pond it is not yet given for fishing. The baits that helps: maize porridge, dung-worms, canned corn and groats.

"Complex Dănăilă" Lake - Roman. This lake is located near the exit from Roman to Vaslui, on Bogdan Dragoş street, 50 meters away from the bridge over the river Siret (Nicolae Bălcescu district). Good road. Species: crucian, carp, perch, pike perch. Baits: maize porridge, dung-worms.

"Caritas Farm" Lake - Săbăoani commune, 2 kilometers away on the road to Iaşi. The charge is 10 RON. Species: carp, crucian. Baits: maize porridge, bread, dung-worm.

"Izvorul Muntelui" Lake - It’s the biggest lake of the county situated at the foot of Ceahlău mountain (the zone is superb even for the ones who are not fishing). It is very easy to get there, because over the dam passes a national road, which is continuated until the end of the lake. Species: perch, pike-perch, trout, bream, crucian, swine, dace, broad snout, bleak, roach, even huck. Baits: all of them, but the best are dung-worm and red flesh-worm. You can fish here only with a fishing licence, emited by AGVPS.

"Izvorul Muntelui" Lake  "Izvorul Muntelui" Lake

Liciu Pond - Dragomireşti commune. From Girov you go to Hanu Ancuţei, then you have two alternatives: 1. From the Unghi pond you go left on a road that will guide you straight to the lake. 2. You won`t get to Unghi pound, but you will go another one kilometre, than right (about 300 meters) and you will be near the pound Liciu. Both roads are not so good for the car. Species: carp, bream, little perch, crucian, but the main fish is the carp. Baits: canned corn, dung-worm. The fish is well feed.

Simioneşti Lake - Cordun commune, Simioneşti village, 8 kilometers north-west from Roman. The pond is attracting the fishermen by its good catches of pike, carp, crucian, tench. Unfortunately, the poaching and the lack of interest from the local authorities, a lot of fish was destroyed (mainly the tench), which was in the past the main attraction. You can fish here only with a fishing licence, emited by AGVPS.

Trifeşti Lake - Trifeşti commune. From Piatra Neamţ you go to Roman. 8 kilometers before entering Roman, you go right, entering the Trifeşti commune. From there, go streight forward and you will reach the farm. Species: carp (big specimens), pike-perch, perch, crucian. The most effective bait is dung-worm and boilles.

Zimbrăria Lake - Vânători-Neamţ commune. This lake is located in an oustanding natural place - in the middle of the forrest, inside the forrestier reservation Vânători and inside the buffalos reservation "Dragoş Vodă". You can reach the lakes from the street that connects Târgu Neamţ city and Neamţ Monastery. There are three lakes. Species: carp, crucian, pike, perch, chinese carp. You can catch fishes over 10 kg a-piece. Baits: maize porridge, canned corn, dung-worm, flesh-worm.

Unghi Pond - Dragomireşti commune, Unghi village (Contact information: phone number: 0233 292 876)
The supraface of the water is about 3,5 ha. It is located at 20 kilometers from Piatra Neamţ, near the road to Hanu Ancuţei. From DN you will go right on a good road and you will get to the pond. The pond is visible from the road. Species: carp, chinese carp, crucian, perch. Baits: dung-worm, flesh-worm, maize porridge. There are no restriction at the number of fishing-poles or the quantity of the fish that was caught.