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Piatra Neamţ lies in the Bistriţa Valley, surrounded by mountains - Pietricica (527 m), Cozla (665 m), Cernegura (851 m), Bâtca Doamnei (455 m) and Cârloman (642 m), at an average height of 345 m. The city has all the advantages offered by a kind and unique nature. The city is located 350 km north of the capital city of Bucharest, in the historical region of Moldavia. The nearest airport is Bacău, situated at 60 km south. Piatra Neamţ is linked by Romanian railway trunk number 509 to Bucharest and Iaşi and by DN15 national road to Bacau (therefore DN2 to Bucharest), Iasi, Suceava and Târgu Mureş. The area around Piatra Neamţ is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Romania. The oldest traces of human civilisation in the present territory date back to the higher Paleolithic, about 100,000 years BCE. The Cucuteni culture, whose development lasted approximately one thousand years (ca. 3600-2600 BCE) was attested in the territory of Neamţ county by a remarkable number of settlements (approx. 150), archaeological diggings unearthing important museum collections of Aeneolithic artifacts. Archaeologists have also discovered objects here dating back to the Neolithic Period and the Bronze Age (about 1900-1700 BCE). Excavations just outside the city revealed the ruins of a large Dacian city, Petrodava, mentioned by the Greek geographer, Ptolemy, in the 2nd century. The whole compound had its heyday between the first century BCE and the first century CE. Standing out is the citadel at Batca Doamnei which contains shrines resembling those identified in the Orastiei Mountains As far as the existence of a local leader is concerned, historians tend to suggest the identification of the Kingdom of Dicomes in the very political centre at Petrodava. The complex of strongholds without peer in Moldavia and Wallachia is evidence as to a powerful political and military centre both in Burebista's time and in the period that preceded the reign of Deceballus. The settlement was documented in the 15th century as Piatra lui Crăciun, or Camena, a market town. The first urban settlements, which emerged under Petru I Musat (1375-1391), were Piatra lui Crăciun, Roman and Neamţ. The Neamt citadel, whose documentary attestation dates back to February 2, 1395, was also erected during the same consolidation period of the Moldovian pricipate east of the Carpathians. The Princely Court of Piatra Neamţ is mentioned for the first time in a document dated April 20, 1491 being founded between 1468 and 1475, under Ştefan cel Mare, the Princely Cathedral being built in 1497-1898 and the 20 m in height Bell Tower in 1499.

    Historical Centre Piatra Neamţ Piatra Neamţ, night Piatra Neamţ Pietricica view Pietricica view Barajul Bâtca Doamnei   

Touristic destination
Fortress Lordly houses Museum Biserici National parks,reservation

Bâtca Doamnei Fortress (Petrodava) - Piatra Neamţ
It was founded in 1st century b.C., but there are traces of an much older civilisation.

   Bâtca Doamnei, wall fragments  

The Medieval Complex - Piatra Neamt (center), phone 0233 215253

The Medieval Complex It was founded in 1498-1499 by the voivode Stefan cel Mare (Stephan the Great) and it is composed of: The Princely Church St. John the Baptist built of stone in a Moldavian style, the 19 m high tower and parts of the Princely Court (walls and the cellar arranged as a museum, placed near the "Petru Rares" High School).



Lordly houses

Ivaşcu House - Piatra Neamţ, Alexandru cel Bun st.

The building with an architecture from the 19th century was made of wood on a high stone foundation.





Lalu House - Piatra Neamţ, 44 Ştefan cel Mare st, tel. 0233 214351

Lalu houseThis beautiful construction was built in 1912 by the builder Carol Zane. Now, here is The Children Palace.



Paharnicului House- Piatra Neamţ, Paharnicului st., tel. 0233 212426

It was founded at the begining of the19th century by police prefect (aga) Dimitrie Gheorghiadis. This massive building was used as a storage for merchandises and now there is a restaurant.





History Museum

History Museum Piatra NeamţPiatra Neamţ, 10 Mihai Eminescu st., 610029; phone./fax: 0040 233 217496, 0040 233 218108
It was founded by priest Constantin Mătasă in 1934 and stores over 20.000 objects from the Stone Age until our days. The museum owns the most important collection in the country, which belongs to Cucuteni eneolithic civilization (ţhe 4th and 3rd millennium b.C), which was the last great civilization of ancient Europe. Also there are presented the traco-geto dacic civilisations of the region, the medieval habitat, aspects of local history from modern and contemporaneous epoch, the museum activity and temporary exhibitions.
Daily programme: 9.00 -17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.); Monday-closed.

Eneolitic Art of Cucuteni Museum, 3 Ştefan cel Mare st.; phone 004 0233 217496

It was opened in June 2005 and is the first museum dedicated solely to Cucuteni culture.. The museum holds the most varied and rich collection of Cucuteni and Precucuteni artefacts. The beautiful building was raised in 1930 by the builder Carol Zani and was decorated by the sculputor Vincenzo Puschiasis. Daily programme: 9.00 -17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Princely Court Exhibition - Piatra Neamţ, Ştefan cel Mare st. phone 004 0233 217496

Princely Court Exhibition Piatra NeamţThe plan of the Princely Court ExhibitionIt’s a part of a Medieval Complex which is composed of "St. John the Baptist" The Princely Church and the 19 m high tower dating from the 15th century. There were preserved only parts of the surrounding walls and of the cellar. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.),
Monday - closed.

Art Museum, tel. 0233 216808

Art Museum Piatra Neamţ Piatra Neamţ, 1 Libertăţii sq., phone. 0040 233 216808
It was founded in 1980 and stores precious collections of painting, graphic, sculpture and tapestry, signed by famous Romanian artists: Lascăr Vorel, Aurel Băeşu, CD. Stahi, Ion Ţuculescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Iulia Hălăucescu, Aurelia Ghiaţă, Pompiliu Clement s.a. Periodically, there are temporary exhibitions. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Ethnography Museum

Etnography Museum Piatra Neamţ
Piatra Neamţ, 2 Libertăţii sq., phone 0040 233 216808
It presents aspects of traditional peasant household of Valea Bistriţei (Bistriţa Valley), the popular Romanian costume of the region and the principal trades from Sub-Carpathian region of Moldavia (wood processing, the weaving, furrier's processing). Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Natural Science Museum

Natural Science Museum Piatra Neamţ Piatra Neamţ, 26 Petru Rareş st, phone 0040 233 224211
It was founded in 1960 in the building donated by memorable historian Iulian Antonescu. It stores an impressive collection of 29 spicies of fossil fish, unic in the world, but also exhibitions rarities of geology, flora and fauna of Neamţ mountains (Ceahlău especially). Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Calistrat Hogaş" Memorial Museum

Piatra Neamţ, 1 Calistrat Hogaş st.
The only museum dedicated to Calistrat Hogaş, is placed just in the same house where the writer lived mostly of his life. Reorganized using his daughter]s, Sidonia Hogaş, notes, the museum offers the ambiance of a house from the beginning of the 20th century. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Calistrat Hogaş" Memorial Museum Piatra Neamţ Interior "Calistrat Hogaş" Memorial Museum



The Transfiguration Church - Văleni-Piatra Neamţ, Magnoliei st., tel: 0233 625574

The Transfiguration ChurchThis monument of popular religious architecture was successively founded by the Voivodes Petru Rareş and Alexandru Lăpuşneanu (1574).




The Assumption of the Virgin Church - Vânători-Piatra Neamţ, tel. 0233 229150

Founded in 1774 by Ioil. This monument of popular religious architecture is made of fir tree on a stone base. The altar screen made of lime tree and oak is a masterpiece of Romanian popular art.
Biserica "Adormirea Maicii Domnului" Vânători -Piatra Neamţ

The Annunciation Church - Piatra Neamţ, Dărmăneşti, 118, 1 Decembrie 1918 st., tel. 0233 224546

The Annunciation Church DărmăneştiFounded in 1740 by Spatharus (the sword bearer) Iordache Darie Dărmănescul. The altar screen of this monument of religious architecture was very rigurously made in the Byzantine style. There is also a Gospel from 1821, a real work of art, mounted in silver and polychrom enamel.




The Annunciation Church - Piatra Neamţ, Sarata, 4 Verii st., 0233 210770

Founded in 1779-1787 by Stero and Mihalache Piroschi, moved in 1999 on the spot of Draga Hermitage, in Dărmăneşti, Piatra Neamţ.


St. Nicholas Church - Piatra Neamţ,1 Obor st., tel. 0744 215498

St. Nicholas Church OborFounded in 1796 by Vogoride, a greek chancellor. There is a golden silver icon brought from Poland in 1865.





Doamna Hermitage - Piatra Neamţ, Peste Vale

Doamna HermitageFounded in 1790 by Father Mitrofan. This small, simple building has very thick walls and the altar screen is a real work af art, decorated in a Moldavian style.



Precista Church - Piatra Neamţ, 56 Decebal Bd., tel. 0233 217560

 Precista ChurchPatronal feast: Assumption of the Virgin ( the 15th of August). The most beautiful church of the city was founded in 1930 by Father Constantin Mătasă. Architects - Bolomei and Dortz, builder - Carol Zani, sculptor - Vincenzo Puschiasis. The old golden icons from the altar screen are made by a greek painter.


The Romano-catholic Church - Piatra Neamţ, 27 M.Eminescu st., tel. 0233 212040
Patronal Feast: St Iosif the Worker (1st of May). It was built in 1895 and then in 1936-1939 it was renewed by Father d. Francisc Simon.

The Romano-catholic Church - Piatra Neamţ, Valea Albă st., Dărmăneşti; tel.0233 231730
Patronal Feast: St Tereza of Child Jesus (1st of Octombre). The building was began in 1991 due to the share of the belivers from the city.

"Maica Unităţii" Benedictine Monastery - tel. 0040 233 261426
Alexandru cel Bun commune, Scăricica village. It was built in 2003.

The Synagogue - Piatra Neamţ, Dimitrie Ernici st., tel. of Jews Community: 0233 223815

The present building made by wood was founded in 1766. Some specialists believe that the old building made by stone was founded in the 15th century. In the estern wall there is “The Holy Urn”, a real piece of art, made by Şaraga Iţchok ben Moische. There is also a beautiful curtain with seven triangles and a hebrew inscription, made in 1767. The golden altar is 250 years old.The Synagogue is linked to baal Swhemtov, the founder of the hasidism.



Reservation and parks

The fossil locations Cozla, Pietricica, Cernegura, around the Piatra Neamţ City, form a paleontological natural reservation: fossil fishes from Oligocene - 38 species

The mountain Pietricica  The mountain Pietricica

On Cozla Mountain, going from the spot named "Trei coline" (Three Hills) - the up station of the telegondola - a half hour walking to NW on the ridge, through a beech forest, you can see the natural monument called Trei căldări (Three buckets). They are formed in a greystone by erosion due to the wind or waters.

The beech forest Three buckets Three buckets

Cozla Parck and the ZOO
- Piatra Neamţ, Ştefan cel Mare st.
In fact there is a road which climbs like a spiral on Cozla Hill passing through the wood. At the middle and on the top there are places from where you can admire the city view and also there are two traditional restaurants (Colibele Haiducilor and Cercul Gospodinelor). There is a schi track too. Piatra Neamţ day is on 24th of June.

The ZOO Restaurant Colibele haiducilor 


Teatrul Tineretului (Youth Theatre) - Piatra Neamţ, 1 Ştefan cel Mare sq., 0040233211472, fax: 0040233 217159; e-mail:

Youth Theatre Piatra Neamţ It was built in 1958. Youth Theatre myth was created by the speed witch with it produced stars. Year by year came to Piatra Neamţ the best graduates of Theatre Institute. In the present, it is one of the most dynamic, modern and nonconformist theatres from România. Basically, the repertory consists in contemporaneous plays, Romanian and from abroad, but also from the great values of universal dramaturgy.


Art Galleries
Art Deco - Piatra Neamţ, 22 Decembrie sq., phone 004 0233 224696
Lascăr Vorel - Piatra Neamţ, 15 Ştefan cel Mare sq., phone 004 0233 222240
Topart - Piatra Neamţ, 4. Decebal bd., phone 004 0233 237365


Hotels Guest houses,motels, chalets, inns camping

Central Hotel *** - Piatra Neamţ, Piaţa Petrodava nr.1-3
tel. 0233-216230, 0233 214530; fax. 0233 214532, 0233 223528

Placed in the heart of Moldavia, Central Hotel has a perfect location being a point of start for tourists not only for visiting the well-known monasteries, mostly built by Stephan the Great, but also to initiate trips to the beautiful landscapes which surrounds the historical city of Piatra Neamt.




"Grand Hotel Ceahlău" *** - Piatra Neamţ, 3 Ştefan cel Mare sq.; phone 004 0040 233 219990, 004 0040 233 219991; fax.004 0040 233 215540

"Grand Hotel Ceahlău" available with modernized rooms, is offering European quality at Romanian prices. It puts at the disposal of the tourists 2**and 3*** 42 single (60-80 RON) and 94 double rooms (160 RON), 7 apartments (300 RON), breakfast included, 3 classic restaurants, terrace, bar and night-club. Impeccable service, concern for the smallest detail.
Services: - "Ceahlau" Classical Restaurant, "Boema" Lounges, Leisure lounges, Sweet shop, Reception ,conference room, Bar (on the ground floor), Night club 12, "Snooker" room, Souvenir shops, Travel agency, Exchange office
- Newspaper, Room service, laundry, clothes mending, hairstylist's, hairdresser's, international phone calls, booking (travel or theater tickets), rent a car (with or without driver), guarded parking lot
- Satelite TV, Internet, credit card accepted, pets accepted
Permanently and free of charge, the hotel reception desk gives any general or tourist information requested by the clients and ensures the receiving and the keeping of private valuables and luggage in the hotel safes.
On the ground floor you will find 1 bar and 2 restaurants "Boema" and "White" Saloon with live music, every evening, Romanian and international withisine. Breakfast buffet is being served at the "Blue" restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel from 6:30 a.m. till 10:30 a.m. On the 12th floor of the hotel there is a night-club, from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m., where you can find the most beautiful dancers. This place has a great view giving on the city.

Hotel Bulevard ** - Piatra Neamţ, 38-40 Republicii bd.;phone 0040 233 235010, 0040 233 235020; fax. 0040 233 218111
75 beds in 36 rooms: 13 matrimonial, 16 double, 3 apartament with 3 beds, 4 apartamente with 2 beds.
- Servicii: room service, phone, fax, kiping valuble things, messages,parking.
- restaurant with 60 seats, variat menus.

Hotel Belvedere *** - Piatra Neamţ,Petru Movilă st,phone 0040 233 261470

50 beds in: 12 double rooms, 3 apartaments, 18 beds in triple rooms
- restaurant with 80 seats; bar with 16 seats; parking





Guest houses 

"Cornelius" Guest House *** - Piatra Neamţ, G-ral. N.Dăscălescu st. nr.490
phone 0233 211511, 0745 566143, 0745 372008
e-mail: -
- booking:; administrativ -
Capacity: 9 double rooms: 3 matrimonials rooms, each with bathroom and shower, room-service
- restaurant with 60 seats, ecological food, fine wines
- internet, phone, TV
- rent a car

"Cornelius" Guest HousePiatra Neamţ  Restaurant "Cornelius" Guest House Piatra Neamţ

"Dana" Guest House *** - Piatra Neamţ
it belongs to ANTREC,
phone 0040233 234204, 0040722 608431,

Lido Guest House *** - Piatra Neamţ. Piaţa Gării, nr.5
Tel. 0233 226349, 0744 521773,
24 locuri în 12 camere single, duble şi triple
restaurant, biliard, parcare


"Nora" Guest House ** - Piatra Neamţ, Petru Movilă st., nr.162 A
Phone 004 0233 237737, 0758 293440
Capacity: 2 double rooms, 7 matrimonial rooms and 1 room with 4 beds, 9 bathrooms
-TV, restaurant , bar and terace (16 seats)
- booking is necessary


"Octogon" Guest House *** - Piatra Neamţ - Dumbrava Roşie
phone 0040233 282892, 0040 744789687, 0040 745532262,
Capacity: 8 double rooms, 2 apartaments with living and matrimonial bedroom, 2 apartaments with jacuzzi
all rooms have bathroom, TV, internet, phone, balcony
confference hall for 20 people
restaurant with 80 seats
2 covered teraces, parching

"Octogon" Guest House "Octogon" Guest House "Octogon" Guest House "Octogon" Guest House

"Red Rock" Guest House ** - Piatra Neamţ , Mărăţei st., nr. 63
Phone 0040 233 228077

"Virginia" Guest House** - Piatra Neamţ - it belongs to ANTREC,
tel. 0233 234204, 0722 608431

"Class" Motel - DN 15 , km 15, Piatra Neamţ -Roman
phone 0040 233 215573, e-mail:
phone 0744 697174

"Bâtca" Chalet - Piatra Neamţ, 26 Pârâul Doamnei st
tel. 0233 228277, fax. 0233 212649
phone 0233 228277, fax. 0233 212649
4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom
-permanent heat and warm water, TV
- prices are negociable

"Ştrand" Camping * - Piatra Neamţ
phone tel.:0742678030 (administrator), 0722530830
10 double little houses + 3 bungalows


Camping Ştrand (Bâtca Doamnei) Piatra Neamţ Camping Ştrand (Bâtca Doamnei) Piatra Neamţ
 Camping Ştrand (Bâtca Doamnei) Piatra Neamţ


Restaurant, bars

Amadeus - 4 M.Kogălniceanu sq., phone 0040 233 218837, (schedule: 7.00 - last client)
Casa Pietreană (Restaurant Cernegura) - Dimitrie Leonida st., phone 0040 233 219745
Casa Noastră - 1 Oituz, st., phone 0040 233 209104
Căprioara - Aleea Tineretului st., phone 0040 233 237595, (schedule: 8.00-20.00)
Cercul Gospodinelor - Cozla Park, phone 0040 233 223845, (schedule : 10.00-2.00)

Colibele Haiducilor - Cozla Park, phone 0040 233 213909, (schedule : 8.00-24.00)
Corint - 3 Dimitrie Ernici st., phone 0040 233 222099
Cozla - 31 Ştefan cel Mare sq., phone 0040 233 234285, (schedule: 7.00-last client)

Diana - 1 Republicii bd., phone 0744 778476, 0737 059425
Diesel - 21 Petru Rareş st, phone 0040 233 227376, (schedule : 9.00-2.00)
Don Angelo - 6 Petru Movilă st, phone 0740 606810, 80 seats, bar, pool-snooker, live music
Laguna - 80 Decebal bd., phone 0040 233 232121, (schedule : 10.00-2.00); biliard
Nefertiti - 196 Decebal bd., phone 0040 233 211882, (schedule : 9.00-24.00)
Paharnicul - 5 Paharnicului st., phone 0040 233 212426
Popasul Haiducilor - muntele Cozla, Tel. rezervari: 0737 000111

Tequila Bowling - Ştrandul Tineretului, phone 0040 233 214440, 0040 233 221666
pizza, club, bar, pool-snooker, bowling
Topaz - bl.A14, 1 Dec.1918 st, phone 0040 233 622614
Unic - 1 Ştefan cel Mare sq., phone 0749 788243, 0722 752797, (schedule : 6.00-24.00)
Union - 130 Traian bd., phone 0040 233 218591
Villa Italia - 65 Burebista st., phone 0040 233 234768 (schedule : 12.00-24.00)

Happy Food - Bl.H3 Decebal bd., phone 0040 233 216457
Pizza&Grill 66 - 1-3 M.Kogălniceanu sq., phone 0040 233 228855 (schedule : 9.00-24.00)
Pizzeria Buon Gusto - 1 Ştefan cel Mare sq., phone 0040 233 233626 (schedule : non-stop)

Café-bar Bacardi - 1 Durăului st., phone 0040 233 217805 (schedule: 8.00-24.00)
Café Latino - Bd. Decebal I4, 0731 760540
Ambient deosebit, terasă, internet wireless, birou mobil
Loc ideal pentru întâlniri de afaceri sau cu prietenii, unde puteţi savura un expresso cu adevărat italian
Club Blue Café - 1 M. Kogălniceanu sq., phone 0040 233 223767(schedule: Monday-Thursday: 8.00-24.00; on week-end: non-stop) -night-club, bar, disco
Costarica Café - Bl.I1 Titu Maiorescu st. (schedule: 8.00-20.00)
Red Rock (bar) - 63 Mărăţei st, phone 0744 101086 (schedule: 8.00-24.00)
Vip Sangym (café-bar) - 2 Cuiejdi st., phone 0040 233 231588 (schedule:10.00-22.00)

Bar 12 (la et.12 al Hotelului Ceahlău) - str. Ştefan cel Mare nr.3
phone 0233 219990, 0233 219991; fax. 0233 215540; e-mail:
- night-bar, streap-tease
Bar Eclipse, Republicii bd (Hotel Lido)
The Kilkeny (Irish Pub) - 53 Dimitrie Leonida st. (schedule non-stop)
Club Adult, Rozelor st.

Touristic Complex for Recreation - Piatra Neamţ, Aleea Tineretului
Phone 0040 745923700
It is situated in the valley of Bistrita river, 250 m down to the dam.
- olimpic swimming pool with descending depth from 1,9 m to 4,6 m
- swimming pool for children, depth up to 1 m
- showers, toilets, rescue person, consulting room,
- natural skating ring, illuminated sports fields (tenis, football, volei, basket, handball, skateboard)
- playing area for children
- restaurants, teraces, fast food, shops
- lending bykes, sport things, grills
- parking

Complexul Turistic de Agrement Mixmusic Land Complexul Turistic de Agrement Mixmusic Land Complexul Turistic de Agrement Mixmusic Land Complexul Turistic de Agrement Mixmusic Land  Complexul Turistic de Agrement  Complexul Turistic de Agrement
Complexul Turistic de Agrement  Complexul Turistic de Agrement

VIP SANGYM - Piatra Neamţ, 2 Cuiejdi st.
phone 004 0233 231588, 0040 233 210292, 0040 233 210293
Daily programme: 9.00 - 22.00
- fitness, bodybuilding, aerobic, pool (25m/12m), depth=2.5m, jacuzzi, solar, aquafitness, infrasaune, saune, massage, box, table tenis, bar for sportsmen, fotbal-basket, café-bar, changing rooms, showers, good music.

VIP SANGYM Piatra Neamţ Solar VIP SANGYM Piatra Neamţ Pool VIP SANGYM Piatra Neamţ