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The town with over 71000 inhabitants is situated in the valley of Siret river, on road E85, at 46 km east of Piatra Neamţ. It was founded in 1392 by the Voyvode Roman The First Muşat. Here was born the famous conductor, Sergiu Celibidache. Roman Day is on 30th of March.

Roman, view to Moldova Roman Roman

Touristic destination

Churches Museum Fortress and lordly houses


Romanian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral - Roman, 5 Alexandru cel Bun st.
tel. 0233 731683, 0233  731682, 0233 731256
Patronal feast: Venerable Parascheva (the 14th of Octobre). It was founded in1542-1550 by the voivode Petru Rareş on the spot of an old church from the 14th century. It includes the episcopal palace built in 1870, a chapel, the bell tower and buildings for offices and cells. The bell tower was built in twostages, in the 18th and 19th centuries. It has 5 levels and very old bells, three of them werw donated by Ştefan cel Mare. There is also one of the greatest libraries of documents (20000 volumes). Over time this establishment was an important center for the Romanian culture and education.

Entrance tower from Romanian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral Interior picture from the Romanian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral The yard from Romanian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral

The Armenian Church - Roman, 13, Veronica Micle st.

The Armenian ChurchFounded in 1609 by the Armenian Agopşa. The tower bell and some decorations dates from the 19th century.




St. Voivodes Church (The White Church) - Roman, 7 Veronica Micle st.

St. Voivodes Church (The White ChurchFounded in 1615 by Voivode Ştefan II Tomşa and rebuilt by Spatharus (the sword bearer) Vasile Cantacuzino in 1695. It has very thick stone walls. The altar screen, made in 1922, has a remarcable ornamentation. The monument was restored several times.


St. Nicholas Church - Roman, Bradului st.

St. Nicholas ChurchFounded in the 18th century by the merchants who came from Braşov. Rebuilt of bricks in 1769. It has two remarcable icons on wood from the 17th century and a huge candle from 1707.




Presentation of the Mother of God to the Temple Church (The Small Holy Virgin) - Roman, 143 Sucidava st.

Presentation of the Mother of God to the Temple Church (The Small Holy Virgin)Founded in 1791 by Father Constantin. Restored in 1946.



The Big Holy Virgin Church
- Roman, 101 Roman Muşat st.

The Big Holy Virgin ChurchFounded in 1569 by Lady Ruxandra, voivode Alexandru Lăpuşneanu’s wife. Rebuilt in the 18th-19th centuries. Thr 27 m high bell tower, built in 1753 is very beautiful.



St. George Church - Roman, 8 Nicolae Porojan st


History Museum

Roman, 16 Cuza Vodă st, phone 0040 233 727726, 734673
History Museum of Roman stores valuable collections of both materials dating of Dacs, results from the researches made by Dr. V. Ursachi from Fortress of Brad and in other locations in Siret Valley, and valuable medieval vestiges of the town, documentary attested at 31 March 1392. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

History Museum Roman Interior from History Museum Roman

Art Museum

Art Museum RomanRoman, 3 Mihai Eminescu st., phone 0040 233 - 724011
The main exhibition contains the work of famous contemporaneous artists: Oscar Han, Aurel Nedel, Ştefan Hotnog, I. Steurer, Gh. Iliescu, I. Sălişteanu. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday – closed.

Natural Sciences Museum

Natural Sciences Museum Roman, 244 Ştefan cel Mare st, phone 0040 233 742528
This unit represents the outcome of the preoccupations in the field of research and exhibitional valorization of collected materials from confluence area of Moldavia and Siret, made after 1960. 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday closed.


Fortess and lordly houses

The New Fortress from Roman

The New Fortress from RomanSagna commune, Gâdinţi village, 5 km est of Roman, on the left side of Siret river, near its confluence with Moldova river.It was built by the voivode Ştefan cel Mare in 1466 for defending purpose. Over time the monument was distroyed twice. (not to be apt to be confunsed with the old wood and earth fortress built on the left side of Moldova river by Roman I Muşat which was burnt too).

Ioachim House - Roman, 5 Nicolae Titulescu st., phone: 0233 744628

Ioachim HouseIt was built in 1864 by the merchant Vasile Ioachim and then, probably, was painted by Venetians painters. Now there is the City Library.



Iohann Simeon Brukner House - Roman
Situated near The Romanian Orthodox Episcopal Cathedral, it was built before 1818 in a classic but ingenious architecture.

Nevruzzi House - Roman, 19 Cuza Vodă st.

Nevruzzi House RomanIt was built in the first half of 19th century. Now there is The History Museum.


Vornic Done's House - Roman (center)

Vornic Done's House RomanIt was built at the end of the 18the century and in 1825 was bought by Grigore Done, the Minister for Internal Affairs. The architecture is classic , but very intersting. There was born in 1912, the great conductor Sergiu Celibidache.
Aici s-a născut, în 1912, dirijorul Sergiu Celibidache şi aici funcţioneaza în prezent Şcoala de Muzică "Sergiu Celibidache" din Roman.



Hotel Mariko Inn***- Roman, phone 0040 233 742525; 0040744606693; Fax:0040 233 744322 ;E-mail:
Capacity: 2 single rooms, 16 double rooms, 10 matrimonial rooms (6 with air conditioning), 1 apartament;
- cablu TV, mini-bar, hair dryer, Internet conection, phone, room-service, laundry
- luggage room, safe, rent-a-car, taxi order
- 3 restaurants with 60, 150 and 280 seats (traditional and international menus) exquisit wines,
- bar
- terrace with 60 seats
- conferences hall with 150 seats
- sport playing fields
- big free parking
- garden with artesian well
Booking on Internet ( or phone +40 - 0040 233 742525.

Mariko Inn Hotel Mariko Inn Bar Mariko Inn Restaurant
Restaurant rustic Mariko Inn Mariko Inn Bathroom Mariko Inn bedroom

Hotel "Roman" *** - Roman, 2-4 Nicolae Tituleswith Street

 "Roman" hotelLocation
Located on E 85 national road, 340 km away from Bucharest, an important connection between Iasi, Bacau, Piatra-Neamt and Suceava Cities.
The hotel has a modern elevator, special access for disabled persons, air conditioning in conference rooms and public spaces.
Free Services
touristic and withltural information, local public transportation information safe deposit box at the front desk wake up morning call receiving/sending mail or messages for the tourists booking tickets for transportation parking place fax mashine at the front desk medical help for emergencies
Extra-cost Services
washing, cleaning, ironing and fixing clothes local, national and international phone calls utilities for sale
Business Meetings
Roman Hotel has the possibility to organise and host different type of events or activities such as: business meetings conferences openings parties special evenings with withltural or gastronomic theme (mexican, indian, italian etc.)
The hotel has a 150 seats conference room with flipchart, video projector, retroprojector, audio-stereo system and two rooms with 20 seats each.
Capacity: 145 beds in 65 rooms: 35 matrimonials, 23 double, 2 apartaments, 5 bussines rooms with jawithzday, aer condioning and Internet conection.
Non stop booking: 0040 21 411 66 90, 0040 21 9693 (111)
Tel verde:

Motel "Condor" *** - DN 15 Roman, Piatra Neamţ, km 17- com. Dulceşti
phone 0040 233 761001, 0040 233 761002, fax. 0040 233 740831
36 beds in 20 rooms; restaurant- 150 seats; covered pool, fitness, billiard, table tennis
phone 0744 578801

"Dealul Mărului" Motel ** - Sagna commune
50 beds



Barul KAMBYS PUB - Roman, Bd. Republicii, nr.4, tel. 0730094365, program: 8 - 24
Black Wolf
- Bl.M7 Ştefan cel Mare sq, phone 0040 233 727909
Why Not Club - Bl.M9 Ştefan cel Mare sq., phone 0040 233 743513
Favorit - 1 Roman Muşat st., phone 0040 233 726463
Parc - Ştefan cel Mare st, phone 0040 233 741518
Hera Pizzeria - Bl.M4 Ştefan cel Mare sq. , phone 0040 233 741033
Rigoletto - Bl.M3 Ştefan cel Mare sq., phone 0740 491658
Romtudor - 111 Bogdan Dragoş st., phone 0040 233 722901