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Târgu NeamţThis little town with over 21000 inhabitants is situated at 46 km north of Piatra Neamţ and 85 km south of Suceava on DN15C. Its hitory bigins in the 14th century. It is placed in the middle of a very important touristic area.


Touristic destination

Fortress, museum and memorial houses Churches National reservation and park

Fortress, museum and memorial houses

Neamţ Fortress - Târgu Neamţ, 1 Arcaşului st., on Pleşu Hill
Founded in 1395 by voivode Petru I Muşat, then consolidated in the 15th century by Ştefan cel Mare and again renoved by voivodes Ieremia Movilă and Vasile Lupu. Its history is tied to the history of the country. Fortress Day: the 2nd of July.

Cetatea Neamţ  

Museum and memorial houses

History and Ethnography Museum

History and Ethnography MuseumThe museum has been organized in 1957 by the university professor D. Constantinescu. This museum presents a synthetics of magnificent medieval history of the town, as well as tradiţional occupations from the region. The exhibitions are placed in rooms that have as themes the agriculture, producing and processing the textiles, fur and leather processing, stone and ceramics processing, The exploitation of wood and metals. In a special pavilion are exposed peasant installation of great value. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

Popular Museum "Nicolae Popa" - Târpeşti, phone/ Fax: 0040 233 785112, phone 0040 233 785111, 0723 548229
Daily program: 9:00 - 17:00
1962 is the year when Nicolae Popa began the organization of the popular museum in his native village. Museum was officially inaugurated in 1966 and till 1976 has the residence in the village old school building. After this year, it was moved in a building especially constructed for hosting the numberous collections of the museum. The over 3000 exhibitions of the museum can be grouped in the next categories:
- Archeologist marks the results of diggings in the locality and in the neighbouring
areas, made by archeologists from The Institute of Archeology of Bucharest.
- Numismatic collection contains antique and recent pieces, Romanian and from abroad.
- Ethnography collection contains utilitarian objects, decorative elements and traditional clothes from the region.
- Icons and cult objects collection
- Naive painting collection
- Naive sculpture collection the wood and stone sculpture, masks
- Also can be visited: the garden (with naive sculptures in wood and stone), museum's collections (naive art, religious objects), art gallery (permanent exhibition of icons and modern art) and popular shows.

Popular Museum "Nicolae Popa"  Popular Museum "Nicolae Popa"

"Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum
Humuleşti, Târgu Neamţ, 8 Ion Creangă st., phone 0040 233 742528
The house where was borned the writer Ion Creangă (1837- 1889) we have a suggestive representation of the world described with so much talent in "Childhood Memories". Remarkable are both the interior of the paternal roof, traditional tools collection, and the photo documentary exhibition, referring to the life and activity of the Romanian writer. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum  "Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum Interior "Ion Creangă" Memorial Museum

"Mihail Sadoveanu" Memorial House
Vanatori-Neamt, near the Neamt Monastery
It was here that the great writer gave life to many of his historical stories.It was here that the great writer gave life to many of his historical stories. Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Mihail Sadoveanu" Memorial House Interior "Mihail Sadoveanu" Memorial House

"Veronica Micle" Memorial House

Târgu Neamţ, 33 Ştefan cel Mare st, phone 004 0040 233 662594
It was built in 1834. It has been arranged as a museum in 1984: two rooms in ancient style and one as a photo and documentary exhibition; contains photocopies of the manuscripts, mail, books, furniture and personal objects of Veronica Micle. She spent her chilhood there.
Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.), Monday - closed.

"Veronica Micle" Memorial House Interior "Veronica Micle" Memorial House



St. George Church - Târgu Neamţ, 3 Progresului st.
Founded in 1808 by Chiriac and Smaranda Braşoveanu.The altar screen was sculptured in gold lime tree.

Synaxis of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church - Târgu Neamţ, Pometea
Founded in 1837 on the spot of an older church. Being completly renoved, it is called "the jewel of the city".

St. George Church - Târgu Neamţ, Blebea
The altar screen made in 1775 by Ion Zugravul it’s a real work of art.

The Assumption of the Virgin Church - Târgu Neamţ, 49 Ştefan cel Mare st.

The Assumption of the Virgin ChurchFounded in 1676, burnt completly in 1864 and rebuilt in 1875.




St. Martyr Haralambie Church
- Târgu Neamţ, 11 M.Eminescu st.
Founded in 1856. The altar screen and the painting are real works of art.

St. Nicholas Church - Târgu Neamţ, 11 Ştefan cel Mare st.
Founded in 1838 by the shepherds who came from Transilvania. Rebuilt completly in 1887 using bricks and stone.

St. Elijah Church - Târgu Neamţ, 6 Mărăşeşti st.
Founded in 1842 of Alexandru Teohari. The golden altar screen is made in baroque style.

St. Nicholas Church - Târgu Neamţ, Humuleşti
Founded in 1776, but completly rebuilt in 1908.

The Mountain Corps Monument-mausoleum - Târgu Neamţ

The Mountain Corps Monument-mausoleum Târgu Neamţ It is placed on the Pleşului Hill, at 491 m altitude in order to be well seen. It was made by the arhitect Theodor Burcă in the memory of the heros of First World War. It was inaugurated in 1939 by the King Carol II.



National reservation and park

Vanatori-Neamt Natural Park

Touristic Information Center Vânători NeamţThe goal of setting up this park is twofold: restoring the appropriate habitat of European bison, a species that disappeared from Romania a long time ago, and put into value the existing resources for tourism, the area being very rich in historical objectives.
Location:This park is placed in north of Neamt County on the boundary with Suceava County, nearby some localities: Cracaoani, Agapia, Vânatori-Neamt, Târgu-Neamt town and two resorts - Baltatesti and Oglinzi. From the geographical point of view, the park stretches over the eastern slope on Stanisoarei Mountains and Neamt Sub-Carpathian hills. Access:
By car, one can reach Vânatori Neamt from Târgu-Neamt, Piatra-Neamt, Vatra Dornei, Pascani or Falticeni, over national and county routes (DN17B, DN15, DJ155). If you come from Suceava you must follow the national route DN2 up to Cristesti, and then DN15 to Târgu-Neamt.. The connection from Bucharest is the European route 85 (Bucuresti-Roman-Cristesti), up to Cristesti crossroads wherefore one must follow a national route (DN15B) up to Vânatori Neamt.
Protected areas within the park: Neamt European Bison Reserve (11,500 hectares), "Codrii de Arama" (Cooper Forest)- forest reserve (10.2 hectares), "Padurea de Argint"(Silver Wood) - forest reserve (2.6 hectares), Dumbrava Oak - forest reserve (56.6 hectares).
Area: 30,818 ha.

The Silver Forest

The Silver ForestIs situated on the territory of the commune Agapia near the headquarters of the Forestry Varatec, at 540 m altitude. The silver forest is a birch trees stand, the oldest trees are over 100 years, but the forest has also trees of 20 and 50 years old. It has an area of 2.4 ha, being a mixt reservation, forest and landscape. The last study performed in the reservation (1999) emphasized a number of 150 species of plants. Our greatest national poet, Mihai Eminescu, reminds the beauty of this forest when he wrote the immortal verse inspired from his wanderings beside the poetess Veronica Micle, buried not far from this white wonder. (If through the copper woods you pass, the silver woods shine far away/ there you will hear a thousand throats proclaim the forest’s roundlay -"Călin - pages from a tale")

Cooper Woods

Cooper WoodsIt is situated in Agapia commune on Filiorul Hill at about 600 m altitude. Its surface is 21 ha.
Is composed mostly of the common oak, here being catalogued also another 300 species of plants. The oldest trees are over 135 years old.



The Oak Reservation of Dumbrava
It is situated between Nemţişor and Neamţ Rivers, at about 450 m altitude. The surface is 56.6 ha. There are very old oaks, but many others spieces too.

The Dragos Voda Urus Reservation (The European Bisons)

European bisonIt is situated in Vanatori-Neamţ commune, in the northern part of the county, near DN15 and Neamţ Monastery. It was established in 1968. The first animals were brought from Poland. Now trere are 3 bisons, but beside them we can see also red deer, fallow deer, bear, wolf, several species of avifauna.





Zimbrăria Lake - Vânători-Neamţ commune. This lake is located in an oustanding natural place - in the middle of the forrest, inside the forrestier reservation Vânători and inside the buffalos reservation "Dragoş Vodă". You can reach the lakes from the street that connects Târgu Neamţ city and Neamţ Monastery. There are three lakes. Species: carp, crucian, pike, perch, chinese carp. You can catch fishes over 10 kg a-piece. Baits: maize porridge, canned corn, dung-worm, flesh-worm. The charge: 15 RON for a fishing pole.



Hotel "Doina"Hotel "Doina" *** - Tg. Neamţ, 6-8, M.Kogălniceanu st.,phone 0040 233 790270, 0040 233 790272; fax. 0040 233 790843, e-mail:
- Capacity: 2 apartaments with 3-4 beds (120 lei), 24 double rooms (120 lei)
- TV, fridge, minibar, Internet, massage, conferences hall. parking
- restaurant with 200 seats, bar, terrace with 200 seats.

"Oglinzi" Hotel** - Oglinzi Resorti

Oglinzi Hotelphone 0040 233 790111, phone/fax 0040 233 790317, phone 0728 303873
- Capacity: 50 seats in apartaments or double rooms
- air conditioning, TV, tub, trataments with Plantavorel produces, parking, room-service
- restaurant first class with 150 seats, bar
- cards, pets are accepted.
- hall with 30 seats; conference hall; billiards, tennis table, chass, rummy;
80 lei double, apartament 100 lei (Prices are for min. 3-4 nights)
Optional : breakfast 10 lei, dinner 35 lei, supper 30 lei

Oglinzi Hotel  Oglinzi Hotel  Oglinzi Hotel

"Casa Arcaşului" Motel *** - Târgu Neamţ, 1 Cetăţii st.
"Casa Arcaşului" Motel phone 004 0040 233 790699
14 double rooms (80 lei with breakfast included), 2 triple rooms (90 lei);
- all rooms have bathroom with shower;
- restaurant with 2 halls and a terace (300 seats), bar (20 seats)


"Hanul Urşilor" ** - Vânători-Neamţ commune
- 19 double rooms
- 12 triple rooms
- 1 apartament
- each room has bathroom, TV
The restaurant - 250 seats - offers traditional and international food
- bar, terace (60 seata)
- press house , disco
- parking

Hanul "Urşilor" Hanul "Urşilor" Hanul "Urşilor" Disco Hanul "Urşilor" Wine cellar Hanul "Urşilor"

"Belvedere" Guest House** - Târgu Neamţ, 215 Mărăşeşti st.
Phone: 0040 233 790730, 0744 244326
Capacity: - 8 double rooms*** , TV
- 4 double rooms** , 1 bathroom , living with TV
- restaurant with 35 locuri
- covered terace with 20 seats
- uncovered terace with 14 seats
- parking for 18 cars
Prices: 71,5 lei

"Belvedere" Guset HouseTârgu Neamt-Room  Pensiunea "Belvedere" Târgu Neamt-Camera "Belvedere" Guset HouseTârgu Neamt-Restaurant

"Cassandra" Guest House*** - Târgu Neamţ, 1A 9Mai st.
Phone 0040 233 791191, 0742 052707
Contact: DCS Travel Agency Piatra Neamt, Bd.Traian, nr.13, bl.A 2, parter, phone 0040 233210092; fax: 0040 233210340
Capacity: 2 double rooms and 2 triple rooms, each with bathroom ; 2 double rooms with 1 bathroom
- terace, balcony, playing area for children, grill , garden, TV

 "Cassandra" Guest House Târgu Neamţ   "Cassandra" Guest House Târgu Neamţ  "Cassandra" Guest House Târgu Neamţ-Room

"La răscruce de vânturi" Guest House** - Târgu Neamţ, 43 Băile Oglinzi st.
phone 0040 233 660309, 0742 737095, 0740 908867
Capacity: 20 double rooms, 1 room with 20 beds
- restaurant with 100 seats
- little houses : 50 locuri
- sports area

"La Răscruce de Vânturi" Guest House  Interior "La Răscruce de Vânturi" Guest House Restaurant "La Răscruce de Vânturi" Guest House

"Mioriţa" Guest House ** - Târgu Neamţ, 5 Ioan Roată st.
phone 0040 233 790910, 0744 454248
Capacity: 2 double rooms, 1 triple room and one room with 2 big beds, 1 bathroom
- only breakfast is requested
- kitchen
- garden , grill, arbour, playing area for children
- parking for 7 cars

Rodica Guest House** - Târgu Neamţ, Pârâului st. nr.2
Phone 0040 233 660510
Capacity: 4 double rooms
2 bathrooms, dining room, terace
yard, parking for 2 cars

Rodica Guest House  Rodica Guest House

"Steaua Nordului" Guest house ** - Târgu Neamţ, 207 F, Ştefan cel Mare
phone 0040233790995, 0040744704271
Capacity: 4 duble rooms, one room with 4 beds (all have TV)
dining room, living room, kitchen, 3 teraces, yard, grill

"Steaua Nordului" Guest house  "Steaua Nordului" Guest house

"Trei stejari" Guest House ** - Târgu Neamt, 18 Baile Oglinzi st;
phone 0040233 790913, 0040745190529, 00407403388729
Capacity: 10 double rooms, 7 bathrooms
dining room, kitchen
breakfast if is requested
yard, terace, arbour, grill, parking

"Trei stejari" Guest House  "Trei stejari" Guest House "Trei stejari" Guest House

"Vila Bella" Guest House ** - Târgu Neamţ, 2A Băile Oglinzi st.
Phone 0040 233 790291, 0040745 270671
Capacity: 10 double rooms and 5 triple
6 bathrooms
dining room with 25 seats, kitchen
tenis table


Humuleşti - Bd.M.Eminescu, phone 0040 233 663342
Intim - Bd.M.Eminescu bl. M7, phone 0040 233 791097
La Ţapu' - Bd. Ştefan cel Mare, phone 0040 233 790793
Rotisserie - C.Hogaş st. Bl.B2, phone 0040 233 790883